Potter Valley, CA

The Six Point Ranch

Spanning an enormous block of land rising from the valley to the mountaintop, the 6-Point Ranch is distinguished by its exceptional privacy, diverse landscape, abundant water, plentiful wildlife and an accessible location.

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Limitless possibilities

An Ideal Landmark California Ranch

This landmark property stands out as a rare example of a large-scale California hunting ranch combining multi-faceted recreational and agricultural resources in one complete and balanced package.

The 6-point ranch is situated in scenic Northern California’s Potter Valley along the eastern flank of the coastal Mountains.

Entering this spectacular piece of land, one is immediately struck by the stunning landscape embodied by this 4,100 acre property. From the rolling oak studded meadows to the timbered skyline in the distance, nearly the entire field of view is encompassed by the 6-point.

Well-suited improvements consist of the ranch headquarters buildings, owner’s home, equipment shops and hunting lodge provide comfortable accommodations without being overdone.

Diverse and scenic landscape throughout

A Spectacular Piece of Land

For the hunters there’s a quaint lodge that sits close to the ranch entrance, a perfect place to hang your hat after a long day roaming around the property.

A covered shooting range was strategically placed close to the headquarters and is ideal for putting the final touches on your rifle or target practice with family and friends.

Sitting on top of a knoll lies the owners home, incredible views of the Potter Valley and neighboring ranches hang below, a place likes this allows your mind to rest and feeds the soul.

The wide open pastures and rolling hills caters to the cow/calf operation, and has run up to 150 cows. Cattle isn’t the only animal that makes the 6- point home, the owner has brought in Longhorn Steer…. water buffalo…..and Watusi (Wah-too-cee) Cattle. It’s a sight to be seen while touring this property.

Tule Elk and Blacktail Deer

A Highly Regarded Hunting Destination

Beyond the headquarters the ranch rises thousands of feet in elevation, blending a rich mosaic of meadows, rolling foothills, and mountain forests of oaks and conifers. A thorough road system allows you to meander throughout the entire ranch, from the lowest to the highest elevations.

The ranch has been operated as a highly-regarded hunting destination for tule (Too-lee) elk and black tail deer. Tule elk is the smallest of all elk species and were nearly hunted to extinction until conservation efforts were established. Northern California is the only place in North America where you find Tule Elk.

Although you might not see them…wild hogs, black bear, turkey and upland birds can also be seen throughout the ranch. Multiple stocked ponds cater to the wildlife and ranch ecosystem.

The 6-point ranch is a rare example of the ideal California legacy ranch. It’s what many would create if they were able to craft their ultimate ranch from scratch. With diverse and scenic landscape throughout, plenty of quality water for fishing and excellent habitat for wildlife and livestock. The ranch is well-balanced and offers a wide variety of outdoor pursuits for multiple generations. It’s hard to imagine that places like this still exist in California, a destination for those who want to create long lasting memories…this is the 6-point ranch.

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The Six Point Ranch

The Six Point Ranch is a world class hunting ranch offering one on one guided hunts for Tule Elk, Blacktail Deer, Wild Boar, Turkey, and Upland Birds.

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The Six Point Ranch

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